In research and production with two new projects, Peacocks Dream, for exhibition at the Houston FotoFest Biennial: India — Contemporary Photography and New Media Art  (March – April 2018) and a new work in progress, Forest Breath  for exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (2019).

Screening at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, February 25, 2017, with Leila Sujir and Jackson Sujir present. For Jackson: A Time Capsule, 2004 Video 49 minutes, Betacam SP landscape format (16 by 9 aspect ratio) A documentary portrait of two Canadian women, Rosemary Brown (1930-2003) and Ruth Horricks-Sujir (b. 1925) which creates a time capsule for their young grandson, Jackson. By moving viewers through the geographies and journeys of these women’s lives, Sujir uses landscapes as points of arrival and departure, and oceans as streams of stories.


Two new book projects have been released:

• from the Art Gallery of Windsor:

Srimoyee Mitra (ed), Border Cultures, London, UK: Black Dog Publishing/Art Gallery of Windsor, 2016 [Tulipomania], 2016.

• from the Glenbow:

Melanie Kjorlien (ed), Made in Calgary: An Exploration of Art from 1960 to the 2000’s: Calgary, Alberta: Glenbow, 2016 [Tulipomania and My Two Grandmothers], 2016.