forest documents, 2016 – ongoing 2024, a portrait in progress

stereoscopic 3D Video work, in progress, with spatial audio, approximately 56 minutes (with production in 2016,  two Sony F65 cameras on an IMAX mirror rig; and with production in 2018,  a RED Weapon camera mounted on a drone). 

The project started in June 2016 with the forest as a space of research, with an invitation from curator Haema Sivanesan (then at the  Art Gallery of Greater Victoria).  The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet series giving the forest spaces its voices.

This large format video projection project in progress arose in June 2016, with the consideration of the forest as a space of research as well as contemplation, marking the beginning of a new body of forest artworks.

Images below of viewers with forest! documents, (2016 – ongoing): a portrait in progress, stereoscopic 3D Video installation.

Please view using anaglyph glasses (red at the left).


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